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Introduction: RFID technology adoption and supply chain performance puts light on the empirical research work conducted in Chinese logistics sector to find out the factors affecting the adoption of RFID technology and the relation between RFID technology adoption and supply chain performance for logistics. This work is quite relevant to our course of study as this paper introduces us to the Chinese logistics systems and use of RIFD to make supply chain performance efficient. Summary: This paper with its theoretical base reveals that globalization has demand many national and international firms to incorporate supply chain strategy into their corporate strategy. Moreover,…

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Introduction: Understanding the concept of supply chain resilience presents an integrated perspective on resilience through extensive research work and literature review with practical implication of risk management and supply chain management. It also purposes the empirical research into the supply chain resilience. This paper has much relevance to our course of study, as it provides the theoretical insight of conceptual model for understanding the concept of resilience through touching various other disciplines such as developmental psychology, ecosystem, supply chain, and risk management. Summary:             This research paper is an integrative literature review undertaken to define the resilience supply chain that…

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Break Free From Product Life Cycle-HBR Article Review

break free article review hbr

Main Point: In brief, Break Free from Product Life Cycle explains how companies can win the competitive war by applying positioning and repositioning strategies to change their product life cycles.  These positioning strategies as a contrast to the old approach of following the ride down the product life cycle, allow companies to change their offering as they customer mentally categories them. Reverse positioning, breakaway, and stealth positioning are the innovative strategies that can help companies to exploit the vulnerability of established categories without having a new technology. They also help them propel their products backward and forward into the lucrative…

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