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It includes tangible, physical products and intangible services. Here the product is a laptop which is a portable pc fits well in the lap of the user. In product’s section a consumer has numerous choices on various level of products e-g there are variants available in terms of size specs, style, price, and portability. A consumer can find laptops of brand names like Dell, Sony Vaio, Lenovo, Apple, HP, Toshiba, Acer and many more in the market (Techbargains,2011).

All these companies have variants of laptops based on their functionality, styling, safety, packaging, repairs and Supports, Warranties, Accessories & Services. For example, Dell’s Inspiron Z Series can be compared with ThinkPad line of laptops from Lenovo. The laptop companies introduce a variety of series in order to cater every day developing consumer segments. Dell’s OptiPlex is the business line, with features aimed at the business user whereas the XPS line is aimed at gamers or graphics professionals. In comparison to Dell’s various series, each other competitor in the market has to offer its own line of laptops. The buying decision of a consumer can be influenced by some key factors upon which he puts importance while making the purchase. If a gamer wants a high-quality graphics he would look forward to that and would buy a laptop that is best known for its graphics and gaming features. The design and build quality of the laptops are the major factors in the decision-making process of the buyers (Techbargains,2011).


The second factor for marketers is to decide the appropriate place where they can put the laptop to make it readily available for the consumers (Loudon, Stevens, and Wrenn,  2004).   For that, they use alternatives like websites, Laptop outlets, Supermarkets and so on. The websites are the medium where consumers can view the laptop and make their pre-purchase decisions. They put pictures and videos on the official as well as other partners/ 3rd party websites showing the features of the laptops. Besides, the laptop companies deploy authorized dealers in the market in order to give a reliable platform for consumers to come and purchase.

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The pricing decisions mainly rely on the fact that how sensitive the targeted consumers are to prices. If the consumers are the lower middle-class consumers who buy the laptops that are durable and would last longer the pricing strategy of the marketers would be to offer more discounts, flexible and bundled prices (NetMBA,n.d). If the target market of a certain brand of laptop consists of users of multiple relative gadgets, marketers introduce bundles offering a package of relative products like headphones, mouse, USB etc. This demands a good understanding of the demographics that a laptop company is aiming. The laptop marketers also use seasonal pricing, volume discounts, and wholesale pricing. The pricing strategy keeps changing in an effort to respond to the changing consumer needs (KB. n.d).


The marketers use a mix of promotion elements to market their laptops. The low price brands compete on various feature offerings and place their laptops on the platform where consumers can make quick comparisons and influence their buying decisions. However, a high brand like Apple uses different promotional strategy making the product stand out of the competition. For that, it introduced an advanced operating system and put high prices while placing the advertisements carefully in high-end magazines and events (Loudon, Stevens, and Wrenn, 2004).

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