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Coca Cola Happy Machine Campaign Case Study

Coca-Cola Happy Machine Campaign

The coca cola happy machine campaign was started with the concepts of providing the facility of making international calls. This facility is provided to the migrant workers of Dubai who are earning very less amount and they cannot afford making calls to their homes. The happiness machine is started by installing telephone booths and people can make calls by inserting cap of the bottle instead of the coin. This cap of the bottle is equal to fifty-four cents and it has made easy for the migrant workers to make calls to their homes without spending a large amount of money….

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Nike Case Study : Governance And Sustainability


Introduction and Background of the company GOVERNANCE AND SUSTAINABILITY AT NIKE, Inc.  Nike was the world’s best footwear and the apparel company with its best-known brand and over $20 billion in revenue. A number f people had won the number of competitions by using Nike’s brands like shoes, uniform, etc. The company even offers the infant version of iconic shoes and much more. With the athlete footwear and the apparel products, Nike, had gotten the rank first or second, globally among its competitors and had the market shares 25% in Asia and 44% in the US. The Company has a…

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Executive Summary: IBM, HPQ, Cray, Pinnacle Data Systems, Teradata Corporation, and Silicon Graphics are the major five direct competitors which make up the diversified computer system industry.  The industry also indirectly competes with specialized corporations-national and multinational (Yahoo Finance,2011). For instance, Dell, Acer, ASUSTeK, Apple, Accenture, Infosys, Sony Corporation, SAP, and Wipro, Oracle etc specialized companies in the product and service range of PCs, printing & imaging, data services, hardware devices, enterprise resource planning systems and operating systems etc. (HP annual Report, 2010). The global PC industry, which is expected to grow at a rate of 3.8% during 2011, is…

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Purpose of HP DESKJET PRINTERS & SUPPLY CHAIN is to propose a solution for HP for keeping low inventory levels of DeskJet printers and getting an agreement among the DC’s in order to meet customer needs, especially in the European region.  For effective inventory management throughout the DeskJet printers’ supply, HP’s Vancouver Division faced multiple challenges of the poor forecasting system, a make-to-stock system of distribution and multiple products. These challenges had created inefficient demand forecast, longer lead time and disagreement on the right level of inventory among distribution centers. To combat this crisis of inventory and service there alternatives…

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Swot analysis boing

The Swot analysis boing how the Boeing Company was established in the US and gradually became the world-class aerospace company. The SWOT analysis of the company is done to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Boeing Company. SWOT ANALYSIS     + –     Present   Internal Strengths: Dominant producer of aircraft Strong focus on R & D  Product Diversification  Strong reputation in good services  Reliability Weaknesses:   Inability to grasp the competition   Week marketing strategy   Focus on price competition     Future   External     Opportunities:   New breakthroughs in computer and electronic   Growing…

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Executive Summary LEADERSHIP THEORIES AND APPLICATION is a process of influencing followers or subordinates in order to achieve the specific goals and targets of the organization. Effective and successful leaders have always some unique qualities which inspire followers and compel followers to follow the leader. Leadership qualities always differ from one leader to another but it has seen that all the successful leaders have some common qualities. The style of leading subordinates or followers also differs among the leaders due to their approach towards the targets, style of leading, and personal attributes. The purpose behind writing this report is to…

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