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Smart city Project in Kuwait 2019

smart city project Kuwait

Abstract This report is all about the proposal of smart city infrastructure in Kuwait and its main purpose is to analyze and design the layout regarding the launching of smart city concepts throughout the country. So starting from the challenges in launching this scheme and the first problem is the slower development throughout the country in addition to the environmental problems which the country is facing. Another problem is the increase in crime rates and hence the inadequate system of police in tracking down the criminals. Hence the government has decided to initiate smart city program throughout the counter by…

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My Papa’s Waltz Analysis Essay [2019]

my papa's waltz analysis tone

At first, by reading the title of the poem My Papa’s Waltz theme, the negative opinion related to the poem is formed. The writer Theodore Roethke inspirationally re-created the childhood happenstance with his own father, but he also tries to understand the actual meaning of this relationship that exists between father and son. Because of the few words in the poem, it’s understandable why people created an adverse opinion related to the poem. Further good critical thinking and the interpretation of My Papa’s Waltz allows individual readers to know better what Theodore Roethke really mean and want to convey through this…

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Impact of Curiosity on Creativity- Free Essay Online

Informative Abstract The curiosity is the root cause of innovation and development. The process of creativity is always stemmed to curiosity. This paper is based on analysis of curiosity role in innovation and creativity leading to advancement in organizations and the real world. The paper includes research and results on the grounds of secondary research methods. Three major causes of the role of curiosity are identified in this study; motivation, creative thinking, and passion for innovation. The first major cause if the motivation for creativity. The cognitive styles and assessment of circumstance can be the primary step to further analyze…

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I-35 Bridge Collapse In Minneapolis Research Paper

I-35 Bridge Collapse In Minneapolis

Executive Summary This report presents a thorough research on I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis in 2007. The 1,907-foot-long, eight-lane I-35W Highway Bridge that was constructed over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, meet a disastrous breakdown in the core span of the deck truss. The major cost of the failure was the loss of lives of 13 people who died in the incident along with 145 people injured. The second major cost of failure was the inconvenience caused to the citizens and the third cost of failure to the economy was approximately half a billion dollars. Since its opening in…

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Research Paper on Incentive Plans

incentive plans

Incentive Plans Incentives are awards offered to employees when they successfully achieve pre-defined targets. Incentive plans comprise of a list of incentives that are planned to be given to those employees or group who will demonstrate exceptional behavior during a specified time period. To remain successful in the market, an organization needs to motivate and retain its employees to be productive and for this, companies adopt various competitive incentive plans that are designed for recruitment, motivation, and retention of employees. Additionally, incentive plans drive the employees to exceed expectations and encourage them to remain committed to their organization. However, an…

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E-Business Model Essay

E-Business Model

Identify the technology infrastructure required for this model The online marketplace is expanding with everyday revolutionary technologies and innovations.  With the help of new web technologies such as web 2.0, expert agents, and data mining tools etc, a more interactive online environment can be provided to Tumblr users. Moreover, the customers achieve the shared power of the community with the help of these technologies. Web 2.0 is usually considered to technological advancements; however, it has a lot of applications for the online bloggers. In fact, with the help of these technologies, Tumblr blogging platform can bring advanced collaborative functionality to…

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