Author: Evan Kirstel

Persuasive Essay-Donald Trump: The Messiah of Ordinary Americans

persuasive essay-donald trump

Donald Trump is the face of “Let’s Make America Great Again”, an American Dream which continues to flame the hope and aspirations of working-class Americans who have not been heard in ages. With only a month left in final elections, the 2016 presidential race in the United States is coming to its closure. The 2016 Presidential Race has witnessed some unusual things for the American political landscape, and Donald Trump is one of the biggest wonders. As a Rookie in American Politics, Trump has gathered a large number of supporters and fans who continue to show up at rallies and…

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Sample Statement of Purpose SOP-PDF

statement of purpose-sop

How to write Statement of Purpose: For writing an effective SOP for college or university admission in UK, USA or any other western country; you must follow the below-listed steps; Choose your format. There is no right or wrong way to write a compelling statement of purpose Keep in mind your target audience. There are three main factors to take into account before writing your SOP: … Consider your educational background … Decide between a short or long-form SOP. … Keep the purpose of SOP in mind.   Importance of SOP: Whether you are going to apply for a visa for…

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Persuasive Essay:Death Penalty in California State

Proposition 62 the death penalty in California state

Death Penalty Killing people is wrong in any case, either this killing is made at an individual or personal level or the government does it. This is the most crucial statement being developed by a large number of opponents of capital punishment. But does it seem possible that we can make the criminals realize this fact that killing is wrong, and they will stop killing other people (Koch)? In my point of view, capital punishment for the killers is the most appropriate step of the government, and the fear of death will be helpful in reducing the murder rate and…

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My Dream Vacation Essay

Everyone has a dream place to visit once in life, and many get the chance to fulfill their dream trip. In this regard, I also have a dream place to visit with the intention to feel about the people, place, and things of that particular place. For me, my dream vacation in France, especially Paris. France is one of the unique countries of the world having its people with different culture, language, traditions, and habits of living life as well. Therefore, I have chosen my dream vacation in France for many reasons. France my Dream Location Essay First of all,…

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