About Us

At ReadEssay, we believe that education should evolve as the world evolves. Learning happens not just inside the classroom, but also in everyday life and yes, even in an online community. While teachers play an important role in the process, peers often have a trove of knowledge just waiting to be unlocked. Remember your friend in calculus class who explained divergence theorem to you in a language that suddenly made sense? Well, that’s ReadEssay — except you have millions of friends instead of just one.

An important side note: We believe in learning from your friends, but not claiming your friends’ work as your own. We call that plagiarism. To prevent and discourage academic dishonesty, we work with services such as Turnitin to crawl our content and include it in their databases. Never turn in any material from this website as your own and always include proper citations. Citations can be found at the end of each of the essays at ReadEssay.