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Monotonic Transformation Essay

Monotonic Transformation

The monotonic transformation is a simple method of transforming a set of numbers into another set of a number without disturbing the originality of the numbers. It means that the identity of the numbers remain the same and there is no change in the identity of numbers. Similarly, the order in which the numbers are present in a particular set remains the same. In simple words, it is easy to understand that a function is monotonic when it changes real numbers into real numbers and vice versa. If we talk about monotonic transformation in terms of mathematics, then it is…

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Hannah Hoch Autobiography and Artwork Analysis paper 2018

Hannah Hoch Autobiography

Hannah Hoch was a member of the Dada Club. Hannah Hoch is the artist of the piece of the work above. She is famous for the college work. She criticizes the German culture it apart from its imagery and resembling this to the vividness and disjointed. Her work represents the emotions of modern life and the new era’s preferences of the individuals. She represents the decadences, sexism, and the corruption of the people at Germany. These are the conditions which prevailed before the war, in Germany.  They were more political in their nature and interest as compare to the montages….

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How do I Write a Successful scholarship Essay?

How to write Winning scholarship Essays

There is no such specific approach to compose a winning grant application. In the event that you assembled all the scholarship passages that have ever won a prize, you would think that it’s hard to recognize what made them the equivalent. Each would offer an unmistakable style utilized by the creator; a special understanding of his or her past, present, and future goals. This uniqueness is the key, and the primary point to recollect when you get your pen to compose. Make your scholarship application article restrictive to you, customize it, dig profound into your energy and drive to think…

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The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn Book summary

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This novel by A. J. Finn’s is the latest edition of “The Girl on the Train” and “Before I Go to Sleep”. It is the first novel by A.J Finn. In The Women, in the Window, things are not exactly as they appeared in the novel story. This novel is liberally lacing and brilliantly crafted with characters. There are many thrills surprise in this novel. In 2019, the thrilling movie on this novel is also coming which is directed by Joe Wrighter.   The novel’s narrator is Anna Fox who is a child psychologist. She lives in the posh Manhattan…

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